Julayne Lee

Julayne Lee was given up for adoption in South Korea as a result of the Korean War. She was adopted by an all-white Christian family in Minnesota, where she grew up. She has spent over fifteen years working with Overseas Adopted Koreans (OAKs). She lived in Seoul and now resides in Los Angeles, where she is a member of the LA Futbolistas and Adoptee Solidarity Korea - Los Angeles (ASK-LA). She is also part of the Adoptee Rights Campaign working to pass the Adoptee Citizenship Act to ensure all inter-country adoptees have US citizenship. NOT MY WHITE SAVIOR is her first book.

Activism as Post Adoption Services (PAS)

“I had nowhere to go with some of my conflicting thoughts and feelings but my own words on paper would not talk back to me but instead validate me because they existed. And reading them over and over was like someone telling me I mattered.”

This is my first essay translated into Korean. Here is the Korean language version. http://ildaro.com/8353

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